Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who's Been a Bad Blogger?

Me :( 
With it being October 1st, I'm actually not in shock over the fact that September came and went because frankly, September was endless for me. 
What I am in total shock about, however, is that I was able to survive the crazy month that was September! 
September was a month of many new beginnings and I absolutely loved it, but man was it busy!
 You can see the extent of my hectic month here and that is not even factoring in class time, work, and study time! #doIhavetogrowup? 

And not only was I a bad blogger, but I was also a bad picture-taker too! (Is that  a thing?) I had full intentions of coming on here and making a recap photo post of all my of September adventures only to realize that I barely had any blog-worthy pictures! (Since ridiculous selfies and multiple food pictures with no rhyme or reason are not entirely acceptable.)  

But even with all this crazy stress I still really missed blogging so I hope to be able to incorporate it more into my schedule since I now finally do have some sort of schedule. 

For now, here are some of my October goals!

Happy Fall y'all!


Here's to a productive October!

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