Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Current Favorite Links: Disney Edition!

I think it is time to introduce you all to another very important side of me
My #Disneyside
Yes, I am a Disney freak and I have absolutely no shame. 
One of my favorite things, and something I am very grateful for, about living in Florida is the fact that the happiest place on Earth is only a few hour road trip away. Although I don't go as much as I'd like to and I don't have an annual pass (yet) I am completely obsessed. 

Reading the Disney Blog is a daily must and a good portion of my Bloglovin' feed consists of various blogs about Disney. 
I have multiple Spotify playlists of just Disney songs 
I am not a huge movie person but I will always make sure to watch Disney movies
When I used to work retail at the mall, I would stop in the Disney store on my break just to ease my homesickness....
The list goes on and on. 

So why am I bringing all of this up now you ask? 
Besides the fact that I was to start incorporating as much Disney magic into my blog as possible...
I absolutely cannot contain myself! 

I'll go more into detail about my trip a little bit later but for now I wanted to kick off my week of Disney themed posts with a list of my favorite Disney links of the moment!

1. If you were like me and were not able to celebrate the 4th at Disney, you can still see the beautiful fireworks display here!

2. One of my favorite things about Disney is the food and what's better than Disney food? 

3. I may or may not have googled many of these

4. In honor of CM and I going to Disney together I took this quiz
In case you were wondering, we got Lady and the Tramp :) Quite appropriate considering we are both obsessed with dogs!

5. Disney feels are the best kind of feels and here's a list of the best Disney feels
(Make sure tissues are nearby)

6. And to end off with a little Disney-spiration

What are some of your favorite Disney links? I'd love to read them! 

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