Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap #5: Japanese Gardens

Happy Summer Monday! 
I can't believe this will be my 5th time doing a weekend recap! Where has the time gone?  (Like I don't ask myself that question enough)

It was another rainy week last week and by some miracle the weather cleared up just in time for the weekend. I will never understand FL weather. So once again CM and I decided to make a mini trip, North this time, to take advantage. 


Friday was a low-key yet relaxing day for me. I spent the day dog-sitting my sisters' dogs while she was out of town. I will dog sit over baby sit any day! (Hey I'm only 20 :P) They honestly didn't need to be watched....but I just love them so much and it made my day sound so much more productive.

I mean, how could you say no to that face?! 

 Not gonna lie, I am obsessed with laptop/desk/work-space pictures so I was a little too excited taking my first one. It is officially on my bucket list to perfect taking these kinds of pictures. Okay, off topic. I spent the afternoon doing some bloggy stuff and catching up on my favorite blogs. (I may or may not feel really cool saying that #newbloggerconfessions)

After not seeing CM for over a week, we decided to head out for pizza on the beach. There's just something about pizza made near the salt water that makes it just that much better. Unfortunately, there is no picture of said pizza because, well, we devoured it before I could even think about whipping out my phone, and I have no shame.

We spent the rest of the night on the beach. There was a full moon and it was so beautiful. I tried to capture it...but you know how Iphone cameras go. 

CM and I decided to continue our museum adventures by going up North a bit to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. It had a beautiful trail and it was a great way to appreciate the good ol' mother nature and just be outdoors, especially after a week of  being stuck inside with a miserable storm. It was more of a 1/2 day trip but I still highly recommend making the time if you are in the area and enjoying the trail. Oh but you might want to plan it for the "winter" time because the sun was definitely out and it was definitely hot!

Can't go to a Japanese Museum and not get some authentic (I hope) green tea!

Upon leaving we realized that one of our favorite, and very missed, places was close by! Our local Stir Crazy, basically a build your own stir fry restaurant, had closed about a year ago and the closest one in the area happened to be nearby. It was a nice blast from the past as we spent a couple of our earlier dates there. 

Another cool find in the area was a mall with a Lily Pulitzer! I've never been to the store before so when I saw a girl walking through the mall with a LP bag I hunted it down. It was all my little Florida sorority girl heart dreamed it would be. And I have to say, I've never really been into the actual clothes, just the prints and accessories, but seeing them in person has really made me want to add a few pieces to my wishlist. 

And I can't forget to include my Aldo accessories steal: BOGO free on already marked down jewelry! 


No pictures for Sunday because the day's to-do list was far too boring. It looked something like:

Deep clean the shower
Install new shower caddy
Grocery shopping
Get school document notarized
Drop off bags at Goodwill 

Did you visit any museums this weekend? 

I'd love to know!

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  1. LOVE me some Lilly! I have to go in every time I pass one!

  2. Don't blame you, it is just so pretty in there!
    Thanks for stopping by!