Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wisdom Teeth Removal + Essentials

Happy Tuesday all!

Today's weekend recap is going up a day late, but once you read this you will probably understand why. This weekend I had the lovely experience of getting my wisdom teeth pulled! Yayyyy *cue the cheers* But in all seriousness, I was actually that excited.
 I have been dealing with having my wisdom teeth coming in for an entire year now, and, in case you couldn't guess... no it was not fun... one bit. I knew I needed to get them out, but kept putting off the procedure because I couldn't afford to lose those few days while in school. The more they came in, the more it sucked. My diet slowly became that of a teething toddler, the thought of certain foods (carrots, almonds, even gum) made me cringe with pain, and eating became a painstaking task and no longer and enjoyable experience. I was even at the point where I couldn't close my mouth all of the way because of my top teeth pressing on to the sensitive, surrounding gums. MORAL OF THE STORY, and the reason why I am saying of all of this, is to get your wisdom teeth removed at the first sight, if not before, of them emerging! Trust me, you CAN afford to spend those 2-3 bedridden days Netflix binging if it means being able to live a normal life again. I was clearly too stubborn and in the end had to endure a year of annoying pain. Ugh.

Well, enough of my insignificant sob story and on to my not-so-exciting weekend:


CM took me out Thursday night for what he liked to call, "My Last Meal". So cute, right? -_- At least I got to pick where we went and I was in the mood for sushi so sushi it was! 

After a mean thunderstorm that afternoon, a beautiful rainbow appeared! A promising sign for the procedure the next day.

The Blurry Days:

After that my weekend was pretty much a blur. Friday I had my appointment at 10am, a lovely nurse woke me up sometime around 11am and I was home and in bed by noon. From there I slept the day away (I don't think I've ever said those words!) and it was nice. I'm so grateful for my family who were so great and were there for me. 
Due to my lack of pictures for this post I'll share with you some pictures about wisdom teeth I found pretty funny, even though I couldn't physically laugh at them, and very much so accurate. 

 Yup, That was me. 


Mine weren't impacted, but I thought this was pretty funny still. 


My friend shared this video with me before my procedure and I couldn't stop laughing!


Soft "Basically Liquid" Foods
It's common sense to say that you're not going to want to be eating steak the night of your procedure, but I found that I wasn't even wanting to venture into soft foods in fear that something would get stuck in the newly formed hole. Protein smoothies like the ones pictures above were great for when I needed to take medicine, but didn't really feel up to "chewing". The cream of wheat was a blast from my childhood diet and was great for breakfast! Oh and can't forget the ice cream!

A huge thanks to season 4 of PLL that helped me stay entertained this weekend. A good show/movie and a nice comfy bed, maybe throw in a little ice cream and you'll recover in no time! 

Salt Water Rinse
One of the many things the doctor will advise you to do is rinse post-procedure with warm salt-water 4-6 times a day starting 24 hours and you will definitely want to follow this. It helps to stop the bleeding and overall helped my mouth feel cleaner (since you can't use commercial mouth washes right after).

So that was my exciting weekend. I hope I didn't bore you all too much! 
Have you ever had your wisdom teeth or any teeth removed? How was your experience? I'd love to know!


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