Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap!

 Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty eventful, for once, so I wanted to share, plus I took a lot of pictures so I figured this would justify it. 


After a week full of thunderstorms and gross humidity, I lucked out and was able to spend my morning off soaking up the saltwater and sunshine at the beach. Turns out I really lucked out because within two hours after I left a huge thunderstorm rolled in, complete within terrifying thunder and lightening and enough rain to overflow my pool. Gotta love summer weather in Florida!

Friday night we welcomed home my grandma and aunt who spent the past month visiting our family in Italy. And what better way to welcome them home from their Italian excursions than homemade Fettuccine Alfredo! Like they needed more pasta, lol. My grandma surprised me by bringing back this beautiful silver Madonna that she made sure to get blessed while on her retreat. Such a thoughtful gift that will always remind me of her as you will never see my grandma without her own Madonna around her neck. 


Saturday morning cleaning, as per usual, but thanks to this ah-mazing candle I just bought at the B&BW Semi-annual sale this past week, my chores suck a little less!

Saturday night date night at PF Chang's, our absolute favorite. Ever since we discovered the Chang's 2 for $40 menu over 2 years ago (excuse me while I stare blankly at the screen wondering how 2 years have gone by so fast) PF Chang's has become our most visited restaurant, and we have no shame!

I steered away from my usual sesame chicken with brown rice and went with the chicken lo mein. Delicious, no doubt!

We always upgrade on the dessert to get one full size rather than two small individual, again no shame. While the Great Wall of Chocolate is our go-to because, I mean, the name says it all, but this time we went with the "Chocolate Dome", sounds almost as awesome as "The Great Wall".  Essentially it was a chocolate mousse cake with raspberry syrup, but realistically it was a heavenly dome of thick, creamy chocolate that is currently making my mouth water as I type this at 9am, no less. 

Our date night continued as we went this adorable art studio where you can either paint ceramics or create mosaics. Yay for fun, artsy dates!

He ended up going thing a surfboard ceramic and I chose to mosaic my initial. Here are the before's....


It is of utmost important to pause mid-project to take a happy selfie.

The evolution of my design. I'd have to say I'm quite pleased with myself as my creative skills since graduating high school have dropped to an embarrassing low. Overall it was a very therapeutic experience in many ways. From being in a laid back environment, creating something individually, but also together at the same time to letting my aggression out cutting the tiles, it was overall a really fun and different from the norm date! Highly recommend! 
I didn't have time to grout my piece that night and he has to wait three days for them to fire(?), I think that's what it's called, his piece so I will keep you updated on the after's!

The coffee menu that was on the table. I thought it was hilarious!



Sunday morning was spent rummaging through old shes boxes for pictures of me and my dad. Loved walking through memory lane.... and also hated did not love cringing through my awkward years. xD

Since my dad was out of town visiting his dad Sunday morning we had his favorite once-a-year breakfast of biscuits 'n gravy for dinner Sunday night! Yes I am a toddler still and make smiley faces with my food #20goingon2 

I'm doing my first link-up and I'm so excited! Thank you Bella and Lisa

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  1. what a fun,fun weekend!!

    awesome blog!

  2. I have been craving Chinese food!

  3. Wow your weekend looks great! I am seriously bummed I missed B&BW's semi-annual sale because I looooooove their candles! Thanks for sharing :)

    - Shae (

    1. Thank you! I believe it's still going on, online at least, so you still have time!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Saying hi from the linkup! What a great weekend! What part of Florida are you from? I'm all the way up in the Panhandle!

    1. Hello! I'm from the South Florida area so a ways fro the Panhandle, but it's great to meet a fellow Florida blogger! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I love those stones on your initial! Very cute. I agree that being creative can be therapeutic.

    Also, love your breakfast smiley face! lol